How To Get To Santa Barbara

Oh, hi. You're coming to our wedding? Awesome. So, how are you going to get here?

There are 6 airports that you can choose to fly to. The Santa Barbara Municipal Airport is located just 12 miles from Downtown Santa Barbara. It is a wonderfully stress-free airport due to its small size, and only a short drive or taxi ride away from town. However, it is a smaller airport, so not all airlines fly to it, specifically our favorite, Southwest. But Southwest does fly to the four airports in the Los Angeles area, so if you want to use your Rapid Rewards to get here, or want to check out the attractions in LA, flying to one of them and driving up to Santa Barbara is a great alternative.
Kristine's favorite route is flying into Santa Ana, making a quick stop in Disneyland, and then driving up to Santa Barbara. Another great option is flying in to Burbank and driving from there.
Santa Maria is another small airport, located north of Santa Barbara. The drive can be quicker since it avoids Los Angeles traffic, and it has some beautiful scenic views.

In addition to airports, Santa Barbara is also accessible by Amtrak.

Local Airports:
Santa Barbara (SBA) - 12mi
Santa Maria (SMX) - 72mi
Burbank (BUR) - 87mi
Los Angeles (LAX) - 96mi
Santa Ana (SNA) - 134mi
Ontario (ONT) - 134mi

Airport Map

Driving Directions:
Some of you may want to drive, like those of you coming from the local area.

From Las Vegas - 354mi (5 Hours, 57 Minutes)
From Philadelphia - 2,800mi (1 Day, 21 Hours Non-Stop)
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Walking Directions:
If you find you have a lot of time on your hands, you could also walk to the wedding.

From Philadelphia - 2,789mi (38 Days, 3 Hours Non-Stop)
From Las Vegas - 346mi (4 Days, 17 Hours Non-Stop)
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